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Sup ya'll? How's everyone doin? I hope your lives are the best they can be. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile...but know you don't really care :P lol. A lot of people have been hangin out lately, which is cool. I love my friends. They mean the world to me. But I don't know, for some reason, I feel empty and lonely...=|. Oh well. I guess I'll live though, right? Hopefully Gamestop or EBgames calls me about a job...I could use one...and I'm lookin for a car, if ya see any good cheap ones, lemme know. =P Well I'm gonna go do some crunches or something. Peash. Fat kid love, niggas!


You ever get that feeling, when you talk to someone? Whether its on the phone, in person, or online? You know, that special feeling...well...yeah...When I talk to a certain someone...I get this feeling inside...I'm happy and beaming because I'm talking to her...but I'm also sad and depressed, because I know I can't have know, it really sucks...=X. Well...Bye.

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