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What's up, ya'll? How's shit been? Been alright here, hangin out with Ashley and Ben, of course. =D. Missin a few homies like Dan and Rob and them. Patrick came around yesterday, spent the night. We went out to Ashley's house. It was great. Jennie and Brandon stopped by. Jozzie (Sp?) and Maney (Sp?) stopped by, they're fresh people. We were hittin jello shots all night, which is always fun, and when everyone was there and situated, we smoked a blunt and then we all went inside and chilled. Jennie and Brandon left and then Jozzie and Maney left. So it was down to Ashley, Ben, Patrick and I. Ashley and Ben went to bed, and so did Patrick and I. We woke up this mornin and chilled with Ben, because Ashley went to her sister's bowling tournament. Ben drove Patrick and I home for some gas money. Patrick had to go after awhile, so I showered when he did. Then I watched the Red Wings game...they lost...3-2...Game 6 Edmonton...Wings face elimination...they will prevail...I can feel it.

Onto another's going alright, and I've only got around 13 school days in my high school career. I need to get my ass moving on my two video projects for Channel 19 and one for Producing TV. =|. I'm sure they'll get done. I have to interview my gramma and my video sub's mom. Haha. Once I get a camera there and get all the footage shot, editing will be a breeze. Getting the interview with Mida's mom will be the hardest part, I'll call her sometime this week. Well, I'm out, later homies.


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