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What's up errybody? I'm just hangin out, waitin for Ben and Ashley to return. The last few days have been great. I got out of that funk. My hockey team is in the finals! =D They start tomarrow...if you happen to be in Canton at around 130. Hit it up! Lol. We won Thursday night 11-4 and I scored a goal. It was great. We play US-12 in the finals...should be a couple awesome games...they'll be close. was the Channel 19 party...and it was pretty sweet, I took Ben with me. We hung out with Patrick and Taryn a lot...I kind of wish she didn't have a BF. Lol...I have such bad luck with girls. =X. Anyone got a hook up?? haha. School is goin alright, almost time for graduation...gonna be fun...oh yeah...I got accepted to Eastern too...=D. Well, I'm out. Peash Fackos. And thanks to Kaycie for the awesome ass layout =D.

Much Fat Kid Love

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